New Number New Blog


New blog.

For older angsty blog that may or may not get used again:
Molotov Hearts

For new angsty blog that hopefully will get used again:
It’s this one.

I don’t have much of a purpose for this blog except for an excuse to practise translating my brain into words, to feel like I’m not missing out on adding to the accumulation of shit on the internets and so I get noticed by the editors of Shock & Awe zine and get invited to write something for them.

Luka Kita is the name of a song by the Indonesian anarcho-punk band Marjinal. In Malay/Indonesian, Luka Kita would mean something like “Our wounds” or “Our pain”. A main lyric of the song is “Tunjukkan bahwa kita semua bersaudara / luka mereka luka kita semua” which (according to Google Translate – I can’t be bothered doing my own translation) translates to something like “Show that we are all brothers (sic) / their wounds are hurt us all”. I guess you get the general idea.

But, Luka is also my name, sort of. My (Italian) name is Luca, but I don’t think my Australian friends knew that there is no ‘k’ in the Italian alphabet when they started writing my name as ‘Luka’ – which I kind of like because it gives the name this Italian/Australian/Malay hybrid kind of feel. So Luka Kita can also mean “Our Luca”. As in, a Luca that is shared by all of us, or as in the parental lament: “What are we going to do about our Luca?”

I’m twenty-one tomorrow. So, new number, new blog.

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