Sunday Morning Jakarta

I made a plan last night that I’ll trade the day train trip for sleep and to do a few things in Jakarta before getting the night train. The plan was to first use the internet, but buy some gado-gado along the way, then walk to Gambir to buy ticket and after that just wait until train time.

I left the hostel at about 11:30am excited to get some gado-gado. At the end of Jalan Jaksa I turned left to walk toward Serenah Plaza and tried to picture in my mind the place where I had bought gado-gado a few days earlier on the same road. Today, however, the streets were empty. Where did everyone go? Usually there’s people and food carts everywhere. But today, there were only a handful.

Even at about 12:30pm or 1pm when I left the internet cafe and walked past the McDonalds there were very few people there. Usually the McDonalds balcony is (strangely) full of people, all the time. Not this morning though.

Where was everyone? Even as I walked down the main road toward Gambir to buy my train ticket, there was still very few people around and very few people selling things.

Was everyone still sleeping? What happened last night? I was starting to think that maybe instead of just trading sleep for the morning train I also traded sleep for the staying up all night with Jakarta. Walking down empty streets I got the feeling that I’d somehow missed out on the world’s best party, and I’d just slept through it.

Cutting through Monumen Nasional on the way to Gambir I noticed a lot of people in the park around the monument. If they also missed out on the world’s best party then I feel a little better. At least I have some comrades.

But seriously, where is everyone in Jakarta on a Sunday morning?

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