Knob It! @ The Actors Studio, KL – 6/8/2011

Last time I went to a show at The Actors Studio there was a three-tiered ticket system and the cheapest tickets were the best, in my opinion. The cheapest tickets were “stage” tickets. Which means, yes, you were pretty much sitting on the stage. The Actors Studio’s main reason for existence is to cater for “theatre” stuff so it has a really big stage, big enough for a band and at least 30 other people.

However, for this event, the equipment was moved right up to the front of the stage so everyone was seated in the areas that actually had seats – not the stage. And there was no elaborate ticket system this time. Also, for some reason there were a lot less people there too. Maybe “electronic music” doesn’t market as well as “post-rock”. Or maybe people were crying over not being able to eat laksa to open their fast (is that the proper English phrase or am I just direct translating now?).

Anyway, these recordings sound much better than my last ones. The Actor’s Studio has a really good sound system.

4 min 32 sec / 6.23 MB / 192kbps MP3
Acoustic guitar plus ridiculous and funny lyrics. I walked in half way through so only ended up recording the last song or two. Basically, I started recording when everyone started talking about Yuna. Not sure if I managed to record the punny song about not wanting happiness.

34 min 56 sec / 47.99 MB / 192kbps MP3
Electronica. Hip Hop. Breakbeats broken up. That sort of thing. Not much else to say, just listen and close your eyes or something.

Tears For Alaska
31 min 06 sec / 42.72 MB / 192kbps MP3
Or was it Tears for A Laksa? Hilarious improvised songs constructed out of anything that can be hit in front of a microphone running through a kaoss pad plus guitar, synth, freestyle “poetry” and an AM/FM radio. Jangan nangis kalau tak boleh berbuka puasa makan laksa!

Like Silver
27 min 47 sec / 38.16 MB / 192kbps MP3
They seemed to cover a lot of sounds or just reminded me of lots of sounds. A bit Nine Inch Nails, a bit Bjork, a bit Placebo, a bit dubstep with gratuitous midrange wobble, and a bit of some other things too. Includes a few minutes in the middle where the laptop died and had to be restarted.

    • Roselyn M
    • November 15th, 2011

    🙂 you probably know this by now but it’s actually breaking fast rather than opening fast.

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