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Humming Mad #1 @ Lumbung Padi, Jakarta – 16/10/2011

How to go to a gig in Kemang, a part of South Jakarta that you’ve never been before, from your friend’s place in Jakarta Pusat? Just make an FB Status Update and your Malaysia friend will give you the number of his Indonesian girlfriend. Meet her and her friends at McDonalds in Sarinah Plaza a few hours later and ride on the back of a moto all the way to the gig. Easy!

5 min 55 sec / 8.12 MB / 192kbps MP3
Heavy. Hardcore. Post-hardcore, whatever the fuck “post-hardcore” is, I heard it used once. Its just heavy, and hardcore, but hardcore that is more interesting than hardcore.

15 min 53 sec / 21.8 MB / 192kbps MP3
Guitar, bass, drums. Doing some sort of experimental noise kind of thing. Sonic Youth, Crass, and 2005-2007 Sydney ala Say Cheese and Die!

Cloud Mouth
32 min 12 sec / 44.2 MB / 192kbps MP3
Cloud Mouth again. In between Ampang (sort of KL), they played in Shah Alam (also sort of KL), Singapore, Jogjakarta, and some other places in between. This time there was no need for long drum solos as the electricity was fine.

Shock Circuit v1.0 @ Annexe Gallery, KL – 8/10/2011

This was a very different show for me. It was the first time I’d ever been to a “Chinese” event before. That is, the MC spoke completely in Chinese (Cantonese, I think), the little booklet which described all the bands was printed in Chinese – except for words such as “dream-pop”, “IDM”, “electronica” and “Musical Style” which must not have any Chinese equivalent – and most of the people attending, if not everyone else except me, were Chinese. I don’t understand a word of any Chinese language (except for certain food words, words that mean “whitey” and words to insult people) I didn’t really know what was going on at times. I kind of had to guess which band was which, I hope I got them right.

Like Silver
11 min 37 sec / 15.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
I’d seen and recorded Like Silver so I was surprised to see about six people walk onto a stage full of instruments – the last time I saw them, it was just three people with a laptop and some microphones. This time they had drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and various electronic gadgets.

Kokkamango 迷幻雪芒果
10 min 30 sec / 14.4 MB / 192kbps MP3
I can’t remember much of this band. I think I remember some synth sounds that I thought were really annoying. Like vocal synths. Their Facebook says they are an “Electropop/Indiepop/Dreampop” band which sounds like some shit I’d read about in Juice Magazine.

25 min 44 sec / 35.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
Flica is another artist that I’d seen before but was doing something different this time around. Usually he plays his guitar through his laptop, creating some kind of guitar-based ambient stuff with some electronic beats. This time though, he was using a laptop and a midi controller. Still making ambient kind of music but I felt his beats were much better, complex and interesting and his melodies were nice too.

13 min 04 sec / 17.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
Naph sounds like someone sitting in their bedroom with a guitar and some pedals, trying to jam along to a dub backing track. But Naph’s bedroom is thousands of kilometres away and unlike some guitarists who play along to backing loops such as Polyfox & the Union of the Most Ghosts, Naph just sounded kind of boring.

12 min 23 sec / 17 MB / 192kbps MP3
I also don’t really remember much of this band as well. Listening to the recording, there’s some nice beats and nice melodies. I guess they’d call it indiepop or electropop or some shit like that too.

25 min 56 sec / 35.6 MB / 192kbps MP3
In the booklet, the only words I understood about Evade were “Macau”, “dream-pop” and “Sonia”. So, Evade are a band from Macau. I don’t know who Sonia is. I also don’t really know what “dream-pop” is but Evade seem to be a lot better than those two words put next to each other, hyphenated. Evade were my favourite band of the day. Vocals, guitars, laptops. The guitar and vocal styles of Grouper and Fort Wayne, some trip hop and dubstep, plus some moments of noise and breakcore. This mix that was pretty, brutal, and made me want to dance. I wish this recording could really capture how great this band is. Maybe check out some better recordings on youtube instead.

The Unfortunate Fridays, Part 6 @ Rumah Api, Ampang – 7/10/2011

This was the first show I’d attended at Rumah Api since the Ramadan break when a lot of bands in general didn’t seem to play any shows. So, considering I only started recording bands just before the beginning of Ramadan, that’s why this is my first set of live recording from KL’s main punk “space”.

23 min 10 sec / 31.8 MB /192kbps MP3
Heavy, sludgy. Fast, crusty. You get the idea.

28 min 35 sec / 39.2 MB / 192kbps MP3
The new name for EX41. New name, same sound. Skramz!

Cloud Mouth
27 min 34 sec / 37.8 MB / 192kbps MP3
Cloud Mouth are from somewhere in USA and are currently touring Southeast Asia just before they brak up. Which is kind of what Atomgevitter did a few months earlier and Scum System Kill did in 2009. Maybe SEA is a good place for bands to retire. Anyway, Cloud Mouth play music that is a bit hardcore, bit screamo, bit melodic, bit something something like that. Halfway through one of their songs the power cut out. But the drums kept playing and the people kept dancing. Fortunately, the electricity came back only after a few minutes and Cloud Mouth could play a few more songs.

16 min 54 sec / 23.2 MB / 192kbps MP3
Daighila would have to be one of my favourite bands from the KL “DIY Punk” scene. They’re a screamo band that doesn’t seem to be content with being just a screamo band – always adding and exploring new sounds such as their recent experimtentation with electronic based textures. However, this show wasn’t their best. The short set ended with Epit pushing over the drum kit and walking out. Oooooh! Tension! Rumours say they will release an album called “The Shape of Screamo to Come”, organise a tour of Europe but after a basement show in Italy being broken up by the police, they will declare that they are “fucking dead”. Or not.