Humming Mad #1 @ Lumbung Padi, Jakarta – 16/10/2011

How to go to a gig in Kemang, a part of South Jakarta that you’ve never been before, from your friend’s place in Jakarta Pusat? Just make an FB Status Update and your Malaysia friend will give you the number of his Indonesian girlfriend. Meet her and her friends at McDonalds in Sarinah Plaza a few hours later and ride on the back of a moto all the way to the gig. Easy!

5 min 55 sec / 8.12 MB / 192kbps MP3
Heavy. Hardcore. Post-hardcore, whatever the fuck “post-hardcore” is, I heard it used once. Its just heavy, and hardcore, but hardcore that is more interesting than hardcore.

15 min 53 sec / 21.8 MB / 192kbps MP3
Guitar, bass, drums. Doing some sort of experimental noise kind of thing. Sonic Youth, Crass, and 2005-2007 Sydney ala Say Cheese and Die!

Cloud Mouth
32 min 12 sec / 44.2 MB / 192kbps MP3
Cloud Mouth again. In between Ampang (sort of KL), they played in Shah Alam (also sort of KL), Singapore, Jogjakarta, and some other places in between. This time there was no need for long drum solos as the electricity was fine.

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