White Shoes & the Couples Company @ Black Box, KL – 9/11/2011

Everyone came out in their Cikini or Frinjan best, depending on if you were a Klang Valley kid or a Jakarta kid here to study in KL. The show started really late but no one cared. Most people were there to see White Shoes & the Couples Company from Jakarta (sorry, I mean, Cikini) or local band Khottal, but a few of us came to see Saycet, that band from France that was pushed in between the other two. Also, Black Box, MapKL, or Publika, whatever you want to call it, is a stupid annoying and hard place to get to. Thank you to new friends who drove me home.

19 min 24 sec / 26.6 MB / 192kbps MP3
Khottal, is a band I’d recorded earlier at Rock the Youth in Subang Jaya. Unfortunately, this time the crowd was a lot more still and a lot less fun. Khottal were still good though. Their set ended with the smashing of a melodica two. I find it hard to tolerate bands who destroy musical instruments that are in perfectly usable conditions. Someone, somewhere, would be able to put it to good use and make some nice music with it.

35 min 11 sec / 48.3 MB / 192kbps Mp3
Saycet were just awesome. Guitar, laptop sounds and laptop visuals. The visuals were set up in a really interesting way – projecting onto large sheets of hanging material and a big ball hanging in the middle of the stage. And musically, well, it was Saycet just doing their ambient electonic thing. Though, when playing live, Saycet seem to have this heavier, darker, bassy feel I haven’t really got from their recordings, which added to Saycet being awesome.

White Shoes & the Couples Company
I didn’t record White Shoes & the Couples Company, from Cikini, the Newtown of Jakarta. Maybe because I had little battery left, but probably because they were just really really really  boring. Everyone else seemed to enjoy them though. Maybe because I’d just watch Saycet, most bands would leave me bored and restless. Or maybe they just are really boring.

    • Ari
    • December 28th, 2011

    Cikini is not the newtown of Jakarta, Luka. It is quite a boring area once you go there because nothing much happens. Oh, the White Shoes and something something are really boring. Especially compared to Saycet. Thanx for the recording, I found them in my hard drive.

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