Bedroom Producers & Garage Bands

I went to a lecture at MMU. I’m not sure what was the name of the class, but the lecture was about post-production in sound design (if that’s the correct way of articulating such a concept).

During the lecture, the lecturer, I can’t remember who he was but he was a guest, started talking about “bedroom producers”. He said that because some bedroom producers use headphones and not super awesome monitor speakers to listen to their work, there has been a “lowering of the bar” in recent times.

That didn’t seem right. He seemed to forget that before we had “bedroom producers” we had “garage bands” and the equipment that garage bands used back in the day is a lot worse than what bedroom producers are using. In fact, with the spread of technology through pirating proprietary software or sharing open source software, quality means of musical production are now available to the poor “bedroom producer” or “garage band”.

I’m not very good at maths, but it would seem that its not so much a “lowering of the bar” but a shift in the opposite direction as more people are able to make higher quality recordings. Quality, of course, with regard to production. Composition and content could still be complete shit but no amount of monitor speakers can save you from that.

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