Rantai Art Fest 2011 @ Urban Village, KL – 18/12/2011

Last day of three day art festival at Urban Village, some place in Bangsar that I’d never heard about before. Music, art, lectures, clothes, etc. It was kind of like Frinjan but it lasted three days and wasn’t in Shah Alam.

Goodbye 20th Century
8 min 31 sec / 11.7 MB / 192kbps MP3
Unfortunately I arrived at the end of Goodbye 20th Century’s second last song. Fortunately their last song was over 8 minutes long. I enjoyed them. They call themselves “atmospheric rock, punk rock, krautrock, indie rock, shoegaze” but to me, it just reminded me a little bit of Nipples, Magic Dirt and the Cranberries.

Iqbal M
15 min 9 sec / 20.8 MB / 192kbps MP3
Just give a guy who prefers to not be quiet a wireless microphone and watch him dance and run around and sing and talk to random girls. Unfortunately, you can’t see that in an audio recording but you might be able to imagine. Or just fast forward through all the talking and listen to the songs.

Census of Marine Life
17 min 39 sec / 24.2 MB / 192kbps MP3
Post-rock. That’s about it, really.

The band that played after Iqbal M was also pretty good, I think their name was Keladak. I sat outside talking to a friend and watching cats while they played. After a while, I realised the music I was hearing was pretty cool and decided to go back in and record them. As I got ready to record them, it turns out they just finished their last song.

Fahmi Reza gave an awesome presentation about his different artistic and activist pursuits and how he combines the two. He went through punk music, street art, theatre, video and film making, and lecturing. It was pretty inspiring to find out that  one of Malaysia’s better documentary makers and history lecturers is neither formally educated in film making, graphic design or history.

After the last band played, Akta Angkasa came, moved some gear in and then after a few minutes, move their gear back out. In the end, they didn’t play. Hopefully I get the chance to see them before the beginning of February.

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