Seruling at A Famosa

Seruling at A Famosa
1 min 15 sec / 1.73 MB / 192 kbps

During a day trip to Melaka, I visited A Famosa, the ruins of a Portuguese fortress built in the early 1500s after Portuguese imperialists defeated the Melaka Sultanate. After entering through the Porta de Santiago entrance gate, I walked up the hill toward the ruins of St Paul’s Church. As I climbed the hill I could hear music being played but couldn’t work out where it was coming from.

When I entered the church ruins I found a man standing in the corner playing a flute-like instrument. The reverb provided by the ruins was really nice and I made a quick recording. After the man stopped playing I asked the man what the instrument was. He called it a seruling and told me that he made it himself. He explained that a seruling is usually made with only five holes (for five notes), but he added two extra holes so he could play seven notes. He also said he could make one for me (for RM 70, if I remember correctly) but I didn’t take him up on the offer.

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