Mahathir and becoming Malay

More support for my quest to become Malay. This time from the most Malay person ever, Dr Mahathir:

The Indians and the Arabs changed the pattern of trade in the old Malay sultanates. They not only traded, but some of them settled and married Malays close to the courts of the rajas. Because these merchants had to be astute in business and reasonably rich in order to trade so far from their homeland, it is not surprising that their abilities were soon recognised and utilised by the Malay rajas. They became influential in the Malay courts and were in time accepted as Malays. Quite naturally they became more and more involved in the commercial life of the country, but they were regarded by themselves not as foreigners but as Malays. Their business know-how and their contacts with the courts as well as with foreign merchants brought a new sophistication into Malay business. No longer were the rajas required to trade directly. Henceforth they, as well as the ra’ayat, were serviced by competent merchants and shopkeepers, whom they could still identify with their own race, even though the racial origins were different.

Mahathir bin Mohamad, The Malay Dilemma, p. 34

So, according to Mahathir, Indians and Arabs, some of whom were actually born in India and the Arab peninsula instead of being born in Malaysia or being “the issue of such a person”, were accepted as Malays, regarded themselves as Malays and had racial solidarity with actually Malay Malays?

Well if it makes sense to Mahathir, then that’s good enough for me. If my Indian and Arab brothers could do it, then what’s stopping a mat salleh like me?

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