Wayang Golek at Taman Budaya Jawa Barat, Bandung

Wayang Golek at Taman Budaya Jawa Barat
9 min 56 sec / 13.6 MB / 192kbps MP3

Here’s a recording from a wayang golek show I saw while in Bandung. Basically, wayang golek are wooden puppets and the show is accompanied by gamelan music. This show was a contemporary version of wayang golek – instead of just one puppeteer there were about forty and there were even breakdancers dressed as monkeys.

From what I could figure out, the show was based on the Ramayana epic. Shinta (Sita) was kidnapped by Rahwana (Ravana) in the beginning and then there was some mad fighting between lots of monkeys and the bad guys. I couldn’t really follow the story because I can’t understand Sundanese and I’m not very familiar with the storyline of the Ramayana. However, I don know the meaning of the word geulis (beautiful), so I could figure out that Rahwana justified his kidnapping of Shinta by saying he couldn’t hep himself, she’s too geulis. I guess the “she’s asking for it” excuse has been around since ancient times. I wonder if women in Lanka or Ayodhya ever had their own Slut Walk.

Unfortunately, it started raining during the show and it had to end short. So I don’t know what happens in the end. Not that I was relaly aware of what was happening in the start or the middle. But the gamelan was awesome, the puppets were cool, the monkeys were cute and the breakdancing monkeys was best gila.

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