Busker playing Angklung on Jalan Malioboro

Angklung Busker on Jalan Malioboro
2 min 51 sec / 3.91 MB / 192kbps MP3

Walking through Jalan Malioboro, the main street of Yogyakarta, I could hear angklung. It was there, I was sure of it. But when I looked around to find the source of the angklung I couldn’t find it. I asked my friend if she heard it too and she said it was just in one of the songs playing through the speakers of a shop we were walking past. But the shop was too my left and I was certain the angklung was coming from my right.

An hour or two later, I walked down the street again and hear the angklung again. Hidden from view, I found a man squatting behind a hedge, with an angklung set in front of him. I sat down to listen for a few minutes and then left a couple of thousand rupiah as I walked away.

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