The Birds Outside Casula Train Station

The Birds Outside Casula Train Station
1 min 35 sec / 2.18 MB / 192 kbps MP3

I went to Casula train station for the first time yesterday. I went out that way to go to Casula Powerhouse for an Acehnese dancing workshop which was part of No Added Sugar exhibition of Australian Muslim women artists.

I arrived at the train station a little bit late, but there was this sound I needed to record. I couldn’t work it out at first. I thought it was coming from the train. Maybe the sound of the wheels on the tracks or a sound made by the electrical wires. But when the train left the sound was still there. I came assumed that I was surrounded by many birds that I couldn’t see, but I could hear them. Surrounded birds sitting in different directions and distances away from my ears, all making the same sound. There was some amazing delay plus reverb surround sound thing going on.

And, sorry about the extra sounds made by things touching the recorder while trying to make the recording. Also, I have no idea what kind of birds these are.

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