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Cougar Flashy & His Spooky Adventures @ Newtown Cemetery – 16/5/2009

I have a lot of old recordings on my hard drive and others that aren’t in a digital form yet. I’ll probably upload them and post them here, eventually. Here’s one I found tonight.

Cougar Flashy & His Spooky Adventures
25 min 53 sec / 33.5 MB / 192 kbps
This little kid came to the cemetery with Grant and Zac. I think he was Zac’s little cousin or something like that. The whole time Cougar Flashy played he was telling them what to do. He made them stop halfway through the first song because his camera stopped recording. Then later told them to stop talking and hurry up and play another song because he only had 160 seconds of recording space left. And Grant does his best to make his lyrics child friendly. Eventually the kid joins them in making up a song at the end; he plays the drum while refusing to do anything else that Grant asks him to do. It was all great. But probably better to watch than just listen to. Since this audio recording was taken from my video camera, getting a video might be possible. If I can figure out how to get it onto my computer, I’ll upload that too. For now, there’s three videos on YouTube uploaded by my friend Di. (See: 1, 2, 3)