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Killeur Calculateur & Orbitcinta Benjamin Split Release Party @ Grafa Bike Cafe, Subang Jaya – 29/1/2012

Just saying, flyers for gigs are a little bit annoying when they just have something as ambiguous as “SS15” as the address of the venue. To put it into Sydney terms, it’s like writing “Petersham” on a flyer. So after walking around SS15, taking unfamiliar roads in unfamiliar directions, I finally found Grafa Bike Cafe. Basically, a “bike cafe” seems to be a cafe that is also a fixie shop, or a fixie shop that is also a cafe, and a place where many fixie-riding people come and hang out. It kind of felt like I’d walk through a portal into Melbourne, except all the people were Asian, not white. The gig was held in the backyard area, which was a very nice place for a gig and many workers from nearby restaurants seemed to come around the back and have a look, or a laugh, at what was going on.

Jin Hackman
18 min 27 sec / 25.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
Its pretty cool getting to see hip hop at a “punk” (or if you wanna get specific “screamo/skramz”) gig. I didn’t think it was that great but there was enough humour and dissing on Reza Salleh to make it worth it. And Arabyrd rapping in one of the verses was a nice surprise too.

Killeur Calculateur
12 min 53 sec / 17.7 MB / 192kbps MP3
For some reason Killeur Calculateur only played for twelve minutes. I hadn’t seen them since almost three years earlier, so maybe that’s just the normal thing for them. Anyway, they were good twelve minutes and I think it would still be good, if not better, if they played for another twelve.

16 min 16 sec / 22.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
This is the band whose name Jin Hackman didn’t know how to pronounce. That’s ok, because I don’t really know either but apparently its what French people call Free Willy. I’ve recorded Epaulard once before but this time they had a new drummer and a keyboard player, which was a pretty cool addition and something I haven’t seen much of in that skramz muzik.

Orbitcinta Benjamin
16 min 21 sec / 22.4 MB / 192kbps MP3
I first heard Orbitcinta Benjamin many years ago on some skramz compilation, I think it was called “Emo Apocalypse”, in which each band had to submit a song that was less than 30 seconds. I enjoyed the Orbitcinta Benjamin song and after figuring out they were from Malaysia I always wanted to see them, even though I wasn’t sure they still existed. Well, they do still exist and I finally got to see them just before saying goodbye to this country. They do that fast, chaotic style skramz.

Showdown Street Fest @ One Utama, PJ – 24/9/2011

Last weekend, there was an all day hip hop “street fest” happening in the car park at One Utama shopping complex. It was sponsored by and based around a local TV show called “Showdown” which seems to be a “So You Think You Can Dance?” for hip hop crews. All day there were various music and dance performances as well as workshops and artwork. Unfortunately I was busy doing top secret NGO stuff earlier in the day, but still managed to make it out there in the evening and get some recordings.

Hunny Madu
4 min 13 sec / 5.8 MB / 192kbps MP3
Hunny Madu is a mix between a pop singer and a rapper, I guess. The first song wasn’t too bad but after the second, I wasn’t really into it that much so I only recorded these two songs.

8 min / 10.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
Remember when I uploaded a recording of Tenderfist and expressed my disappointment at not being able to like them? Their collaborations are so good, but when they’re alone, it’s just… not so good. Arabyrd on the other hand sound good when collaborating with Tenderfist and good when she’s not collaborating with Tenderfist. This time she only performed two songs: Rolex Flex and Byrdkick (remix version) and she started so quickly I missed out on the first few seconds of Rolex Flex. During Byrdkick she invited GBC (one of the crews in the Showdown series) and some others onstage. At one point, I caught myself looking stupid with a giant smile on my face while watching a stage full of people dancing around behind Arabyrd doing whatever Arabyrd does.

There were also some pretty cool artworks being made at the event too by Poodien, Rat and some other guy who’s name I don’t know. Here are some photos of the works by Poodien and the “other guy”: