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The NYE Street Party That Could Have Been

Last New Years Eve I went to have a picnic somewhere in Genting Highlands.

After 1am, when we finally started the ascent to the top of the hills, many other people had the similar idea to go to Genting for New Years Eve. And so, there was a massive traffic jam on the road up.

Some cars gave up and just parked on the side of the road. Others just parked in the middle of the road. Other cars continued to drive but effectively were moving just as quickly as the parked cars were. People had left there cars, were sitting on their bonnets or just walking around.

I’m disappointed to say that no one with a decent sound system in their car took the initiative to blast some music. Further up the hill, where it was a lot colder this would have served the dual purpose of entertainment and comfort as it was really cold and music is a necessary and sufficient condition for dancing and dancing is a sufficient condition for warmth.

Unfortunately this perfect opportunity for a street party with multiple sound systems was not seized. I was disappointed in you Malaysia.

Please accept this as an invite to Canterbury/Bankstown for educational purposes.