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RRREC Fest #2 @ Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta – 5/12/2011

Monday night was the last day of RRREC Fest, a three day festival held in various venues in Cikini, an area in Central Jakarta. There were actually three different gigs at three different venues on the night, all within walking distance from each other, but I ended up just hanging around Taman Ismail Marzuki. And although a lot of bands played, I only recorded two.

21 min 24 sec / 29.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
And of the two bands I recorded, I recorded a band that I had already recorded a few days earlier. Not much was different from the first time I saw them. Of course, the venue was different, and the sound was a little different, but they played mostly the same songs in their same post-rock style.

Cambodian Space Project (Cambodia)
I didn’t record this band, but I feel that I should have. The band is from Cambodia, but only the singer, is actually Cambodian. There’s an Australian guy and I think the other two guys are French. They actually played really shitty old person rock n roll music but the singer had a pretty interesting voice and her energy made an otherwise boring band quite enjoyable. Apparently you can listen to a live recording of them on the ABC website.

Deerhoof (USA)
1 hr 6 min 31 sec / 91.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
I probably should have, but I’d never listened to Deerhoof before I saw them. I’d heard the name a few times, but I never really knew anything more than that. I don’t really know what to say about them, but they were pretty awesome. And as I began using different batteries at the last gig I was at, I was able to actually record the whole one hour set. Among all the Deerhoof songs, they also covered a Beck song (I think), during which the bass player played drums and the drummer played guitar and sang.

Rotasi Off the Air @ Rolling Stone Cafe, Jakarta – 30/11/2011

I went to Rolling Stone Cafe to watch a free gig. I didn’t know who was playing, but I heard L’Alphalpha were a post-rock band so the “free + post-rock” side of the equation was enough to get me there. I also learnt that Indonesians get into that stupid fake French name shit just like Malaysians do.

9 min 3 sec / 12.4 MB / 192kbps MP3
They were ok. Not amazing. But not shit. I can’t be bothered trying to find words to describe them. Just listen lah.

Stars & Rabbit
25 min 32 sec / 35 MB / 192kbps MP3
Stars & Rabbit are from Yogyakarta and they were amazing to watch. The singer had so much energy and at times did some mad vocal wailing a la Delores O’Riordan and/or Joanna Newsom. At least that’s how it was to my ears. My friend said she thought she sounded more like Bjork. But no one is as good as Bjork.

7 min 57 sec / 10.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
The “D+apostrophe” probably makes them cooler. And I have no idea how to speak French but I’m certain its grammatically incorrect, unless Z has a vowel sound, but I’ve never heard a Z pronounced with a vowel sound. Anyway, they weren’t that exciting, hence the 8 minute recording. I just thought it sounded like Coldplay or Train or something like that. But maybe you’re into that.

25 min 9 sec / 34.5 MB / 192kbps MP3
According to Google Translate “l’alphalpha” means “the alphalpha”, but I don’t know what “alphalpha” means, maybe its a different way of spelling “alfalfa” that I wasn’t aware of. So maybe they are called “The Alfalfa” which is kind of cute. Anyway, L’alphalpha are made up of a whole lot of people – maybe 8 or 7 or 9, I forgot to count – and they play what I like to call the more happy style of post-rock. Kind of like if Khottal listened to more Sigur Ros. Maybe. It was good.