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Shock Circuit v1.0 @ Annexe Gallery, KL – 8/10/2011

This was a very different show for me. It was the first time I’d ever been to a “Chinese” event before. That is, the MC spoke completely in Chinese (Cantonese, I think), the little booklet which described all the bands was printed in Chinese – except for words such as “dream-pop”, “IDM”, “electronica” and “Musical Style” which must not have any Chinese equivalent – and most of the people attending, if not everyone else except me, were Chinese. I don’t understand a word of any Chinese language (except for certain food words, words that mean “whitey” and words to insult people) I didn’t really know what was going on at times. I kind of had to guess which band was which, I hope I got them right.

Like Silver
11 min 37 sec / 15.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
I’d seen and recorded Like Silver so I was surprised to see about six people walk onto a stage full of instruments – the last time I saw them, it was just three people with a laptop and some microphones. This time they had drums, guitar, bass, keyboards and various electronic gadgets.

Kokkamango 迷幻雪芒果
10 min 30 sec / 14.4 MB / 192kbps MP3
I can’t remember much of this band. I think I remember some synth sounds that I thought were really annoying. Like vocal synths. Their Facebook says they are an “Electropop/Indiepop/Dreampop” band which sounds like some shit I’d read about in Juice Magazine.

25 min 44 sec / 35.3 MB / 192kbps MP3
Flica is another artist that I’d seen before but was doing something different this time around. Usually he plays his guitar through his laptop, creating some kind of guitar-based ambient stuff with some electronic beats. This time though, he was using a laptop and a midi controller. Still making ambient kind of music but I felt his beats were much better, complex and interesting and his melodies were nice too.

13 min 04 sec / 17.9 MB / 192kbps MP3
Naph sounds like someone sitting in their bedroom with a guitar and some pedals, trying to jam along to a dub backing track. But Naph’s bedroom is thousands of kilometres away and unlike some guitarists who play along to backing loops such as Polyfox & the Union of the Most Ghosts, Naph just sounded kind of boring.

12 min 23 sec / 17 MB / 192kbps MP3
I also don’t really remember much of this band as well. Listening to the recording, there’s some nice beats and nice melodies. I guess they’d call it indiepop or electropop or some shit like that too.

25 min 56 sec / 35.6 MB / 192kbps MP3
In the booklet, the only words I understood about Evade were “Macau”, “dream-pop” and “Sonia”. So, Evade are a band from Macau. I don’t know who Sonia is. I also don’t really know what “dream-pop” is but Evade seem to be a lot better than those two words put next to each other, hyphenated. Evade were my favourite band of the day. Vocals, guitars, laptops. The guitar and vocal styles of Grouper and Fort Wayne, some trip hop and dubstep, plus some moments of noise and breakcore. This mix that was pretty, brutal, and made me want to dance. I wish this recording could really capture how great this band is. Maybe check out some better recordings on youtube instead.

Knob It! @ The Actors Studio, KL – 6/8/2011

Last time I went to a show at The Actors Studio there was a three-tiered ticket system and the cheapest tickets were the best, in my opinion. The cheapest tickets were “stage” tickets. Which means, yes, you were pretty much sitting on the stage. The Actors Studio’s main reason for existence is to cater for “theatre” stuff so it has a really big stage, big enough for a band and at least 30 other people.

However, for this event, the equipment was moved right up to the front of the stage so everyone was seated in the areas that actually had seats – not the stage. And there was no elaborate ticket system this time. Also, for some reason there were a lot less people there too. Maybe “electronic music” doesn’t market as well as “post-rock”. Or maybe people were crying over not being able to eat laksa to open their fast (is that the proper English phrase or am I just direct translating now?).

Anyway, these recordings sound much better than my last ones. The Actor’s Studio has a really good sound system.

4 min 32 sec / 6.23 MB / 192kbps MP3
Acoustic guitar plus ridiculous and funny lyrics. I walked in half way through so only ended up recording the last song or two. Basically, I started recording when everyone started talking about Yuna. Not sure if I managed to record the punny song about not wanting happiness.

34 min 56 sec / 47.99 MB / 192kbps MP3
Electronica. Hip Hop. Breakbeats broken up. That sort of thing. Not much else to say, just listen and close your eyes or something.

Tears For Alaska
31 min 06 sec / 42.72 MB / 192kbps MP3
Or was it Tears for A Laksa? Hilarious improvised songs constructed out of anything that can be hit in front of a microphone running through a kaoss pad plus guitar, synth, freestyle “poetry” and an AM/FM radio. Jangan nangis kalau tak boleh berbuka puasa makan laksa!

Like Silver
27 min 47 sec / 38.16 MB / 192kbps MP3
They seemed to cover a lot of sounds or just reminded me of lots of sounds. A bit Nine Inch Nails, a bit Bjork, a bit Placebo, a bit dubstep with gratuitous midrange wobble, and a bit of some other things too. Includes a few minutes in the middle where the laptop died and had to be restarted.